Spin-off - Spring 2013

Spin-off - Spring 2013

This magazine appears 4 times a year.

In the Spring 2013 issue of Spin-Off, we’ve asked spinners who make a living at their craft to share their stories and provide tips for those of you who are interested in teaching, selling your handspun yarn, or starting a spinning business. We know that not every spinner wants to make a living spinning, but we know that even so, you have an interest in the people who cultivate the fiber, shepherd the animals, carve the tools, dye the top, and make your spinning dreams that much more attainable.

Also, get a glimpse into the life of an eighteenth century spinner using a Great Wheel for production spinning, salivate over the handpainted top of mail-order dyers, and ruminate with a shepherdess as she contemplates what she’s learned from her sheep. Cast-on a lovely pair of fingerless mitts, a lovely lace scarf that maintains the character of hand-dyed roving, and an endlessly customizable pattern for hats.

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